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Cleaning company

Cleaning carpets and fitted carpets

With regular cleaning, your carpets will retain their shine. The abrasive effect of dirt and dust on carpet fibres can quickly lead to a dull aspect and require premature replacement.

Studies have also shown that dirty carpets represent a heightened risk for health. Carpets which are regularly maintained and cleaned can act as filters to catch dust and dirt rather than floating around in the air we breathe.

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Toilet and sanitation cleaning services

Proper cleanliness of toilets and sanitation areas provides comfort for employees and visitors. Nothing leaves a worse impression than toilets without sufficient toilet paper or a faulty hand dryer.

We apply the most stringent health and safety standards when cleaning toilets and sanitation areas. We also ensure that we inspect and replace, where necessary, products such as soap and toilet paper. Concerning feminine hygiene, we apply a discrete and adapted waste management service.

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Office cleaning

Belgo Office Cleaner is a specialist in office cleaning and related services. We perform our work in a serious manner and have unrivalled attention to detail. We primarily work in Brussels and the surrounding area.

We are notably able to offer the following services:

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