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Real estate and property cleaning service

Belgo Office Cleaner offers various cleaning services for buildings and estates.

Do you own an estate?

We can look after periodical maintenance and upkeep of public or communal areas such as corridors, offices and sanitation areas. Our team of specialist window cleaners is responsible for cleaning windows even where these are hard to reach.

We also perform maintenance and upkeep of small greenery (lawn mowing, shrub pruning, etc.). Consequently, your premises will be immaculate, even if unoccupied for a short period of time.

We can also look after undercover car park cleaning through our team of specialists. We look after sweeping and machine cleaning of your car park.

We also look after large-scale cleaning at the start or end of home or apartment rental agreements. We ensure a rental home is crystal clean for lease.

Do you own an estate agency?

Are you preparing to sell a home, flat or store ? Do not hesitate to call upon our cleaning service. We ensure that the building is once more clean and fresh. A clean and well-kept property will give off a much better impression on potential clients.

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