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Cleaning computers, telephones, ICT hardware and office equipment

Have you ever thought about how many viruses and bacteria live on the surface of your keyboard, telephones and other frequently used office equipment?
It is not therefore surprising that absenteeism often results from contamination of colleagues via the ICT infrastructure.

Moreover, computer screens and other office equipment are often charged with static electricity which attracts a considerable quantity of dust. This phenomenon is all the stronger with ventilators. Regular cleaning of computers, office equipment, telephones, printers and other ICT equipment is not a luxury you cannot afford.

Belgo Office Cleaner is able to regularly clean all of these devices in a professional and hygienic manner.
As a result, you are guaranteed optimal hygiene and a more pleasant working environment.

  •  We look after external cleaning of office equipment.
  •  We completely eliminate all traces of dirt and dust.
  •  All components are cleaned thoroughly using specialist disinfectants.
  •  We apply an anti-static and anti-dust polish for an even more pleasant working environment.

We notably look after cleaning of the following products:

  •  Telephones
  •  Computers – keyboards, mice, and monitors
  •  Scanners
  •  Printers
  •  Photocopiers and fax machines
  •  Beamers, audio devices and other conference equipment
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