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Cleaning carpets and fitted carpets

With regular cleaning, your carpets will retain their shine. The abrasive effect of dirt and dust on carpet fibres can quickly lead to a dull aspect and require premature replacement.

Studies have also shown that dirty carpets represent a heightened risk for health. Carpets which are regularly maintained and cleaned can act as filters to catch dust and dirt rather than floating around in the air we breathe.

Depending on your carpet type, we use various types of deep cleaner to return its cleanliness and freshness. We only use the best cleaning methods and the safest and most effective products.

Ground floor carpets should be cleaned more frequently than those on upper floors, but as a general rule, we advise cleaning carpets and fitted carpets twice per year. In more heavily frequented environments, such as commercial buildings, stores, shopping malls and banks, it is often necessary to clean more regularly.

After a professional audit, Belgo Office Cleaning has an offer without commitment adapted to your needs and requirements. Thanks to use of the most modern cleaning techniques and ecological products without any impact on health of your employees, we can guarantee the continuity of your activities and the lack of any down time.

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